Our Rules

MilitaryStarter.com welcomes and supports projects and ideas in a number of diverse categories. Following are rules that all projects must comply with.

  1. Projects can be anything from getting money to help payoff your mortgage to creating a business.
    You can use MilitaryStarter to create widgets, build a wheelchair ramp for a disabled veteran, send a family to their loved ones homecoming, put a roof on the local veteran center, create a new business, create a film, publish a book, equip a veteran with a prosthetic, build a playground, or even help payoff some debt. If you are unsure if your project would meet our parameters, please feel free contact us at info@militarystarter.com and we would gladly let you know if it does or does not.
  1. Projects must be presented honestly and clearly.
    The MilitaryStarter community will be built around the ability to communicate and trust both the creators and the funders. As a creator you cannot mislead or misrepresent your projects intent or end result. If you are going to be manufacturing a new and improved widget or product, you must provide an image of a prototype of what you are making. Photorealistic renderings are not permitted.
  1. Projects cannot be created to fundraise for charities or create prohibited items.
    Many charities are worthwhile. But the idea behind MilitaryStarter is to enable the military community to create, develop and bring to life their ideas and dreams that will in turn enrich their lives, the military community and the general population as a whole. Rewards that offer equity, repayment or financial incentives are not permitted.

These rules don’t list all possible uses of MilitaryStarter. They are intended to clarify our mission and perspective. For clarification, contact us at info@militarystarter.com.

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