Veterans Restaurant Group

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The Veterans Restaurant Group (VRG) will be a series of franchises wholly owned by a separate parent company whose goal is three fold:

  1. Employ young, transitioning, or unemployed veterans who would like to begin a career in business or restaurant management.

  2. Use business profits to create a fund to help all veteran employees as needs for emergency expenses or day to day needs.

  3. Use business profits to create another fund to veteran employees open up a new restaurant wherein they can have a vested interest.

The Veterans Restaurant Group will take driven veterans and teach them basic business skills.  They will be employed as assistant managers and then managers in a three year program.  At the end of the three year program, they will be given the option of staying as is (if the relationship is mutually agreeable) or moving on to open a new restaurant where they will be a co-owner.  At the new restaurant, some of the opening expenses will be absorbed by the VRG.

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