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Hello, Crowd Funders! This is an UPDATE on our project...


THERE'S A NEW VIDEO that we hope will VALIDATE this project. Check it out at

This is Chris Coombs, with C2i Advanced Technologies.

With this project, we’re launching a new product that will, not “could” save lives. RAS-R (pronounced razor) came from a lot of listening to returning Vets and Law Enforcement Officers relate their greatest challenges doing the hardest part of their jobs…surviving a gun battle. In addition to my military experience as a combat soldier in Viet Nam, I have spent time learning the combat optics field. Together we saw an opportunity to fill a capability gap: The ability to gain dominance in battle by being able to engage targets from cover, with precision.

The drive and determination to get this done has paid off. We delivered our first fully tested, fully functional production units early this year. And now it’s time to turn the corner, complete the tool-up for rifle aiming optics that we need to cover, and get this very practical, very well engineered product into the hands of those who risk everything for our security, and who need this tool right now.


To learn more about RAS-R. go to our website: www.ras-r.com and take a few minutes to check out our video at YouTube at “RAS-R 2016”

The goal we have set is to reach $100K in support from all of you. Let’s cover where the money will go and what we will do for the men and women who serve. There is approximately $25K needed to tool up for production for the three rifle optics we know are the most widely used. These are the Trijicon ACOG, the AIMPOINT COMP-M4 and its new cousin, the T2. Two are already in limited production. The third will be added, and the manufacturing process and product tweaks cemented with this $25K element.

Next, there’s the need to produce and circulate about 5 sets of RAS-R to prepare the users for this significant upgrade in their capability. We will build 5 kits, and provide a professionally developed training program with this next element. The cost: $45K.

Finally, to get the product some much needed field credibility, we propose to partially fund the purchase of the RAS-R kits for as many customers the crowd-funding will allow. The cost of the kit is high…$8995. We will reduce that cost to $4995 for as many users as our participants’ generosity will provide. The recipients of this special pricing will aid us in getting the word out that RAS-R is real, capable, and worth the money. And we calculate that with that street cred, the volume of orders that will follow will drive down the cost, making it more affordable for all of our users.

Snapshot-8-1Crowd Funding is a very responsive means to engage the whole community in a project that will save lives. This is a sure way to make a difference for the many men and women who serve with everything they have to keep us all safe and secure. We hope you will see the value and the impact you will have on their safety and survival. It is troubling to have to remember that the threat to their survival has reshaped itself, with hostile forces in the wider world where our Soldiers, Marines and Special Ops members fight for us compounded by the threat of terror-related and extremism among those who can be easily swayed to violence here at home. And it’s reassuring to know that the delivery on your generous support will be quick. The program will have product in the hands of our service members literally weeks after the funds are made available. That’s not just a promise. That’s a fact.

Help us make this happen?

We thank you. More important, the members of our military and law enforcement communities, including all the people you know who are their families, thank you!

Let’s bring them home safe!




Questions we get asked:

  1. Is it proven?
    Yes, we've been firing with it for over a year with extraordinary success.
  2. Who has used it?
    Military units, SoCom units, Law Enforcement SWAT teams and Federal LE agencies. From the FBI to the DEA, from Army to Marines, to SOCOM.
  3. Is it rugged?
    Yes, and we warrantee it to be so.
  4. Where can we see it?
    We will be running live T&E's on the kit to fulfill our promise to those who participate at the level indicated. Video is available right now at YouTube at "RAS-R 2016". And there'll be a new video on VIMEO shortly...November time frame.
  5. Who do we go to if we have detailed questions about it?
    Go to Chris Coombs, at c2i@metrocast.net or text at 603-706-0862. Twitter and FB coming soon, and we will be letting everyone know what our handles are.

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