Homeless Marine Corps Veteran And Wife Any Amount Will Help

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William And Rebecca Brown.

We have lost just about everything due in part to Bankruptcy and an Incompetent lawyer who decided to file it twice for us. When the time arose for us to discuss our affairs with our creditors the 2nd bankruptcy was already filed by accident and we had to relinquish all of our belongings to our creditors. Shortly there after we lost everything around 2011. We have tried so hard to make ends meet. we have moved from place to place and just can't work hard enough to make ends meet.

Currently we are three months behind and our vehicle has been repo'd just this August. The only way we have found to catch up our land lord is to pack everything up in storage and do our best while we work and shower at night at Planet Fitness and sleep in our vehicle we still owe on.

My wife Rebecca and I are Transporters and we deliver various vehicles all over the US for different companies.

Last year we finally lost her Mother after a three year bout after a stroke. This year we Missed our Granddaughters 1st B-day and we Lost my wife's Grandmother. My mother recently divorced and we offered her to stay with us in our last place even though we could not afford them. They ( My Mother and Brother ) ran us into the ground financially and ran off in the middle of the night with our Banking Info and depleted our Bank Account of what little bit we had.

Thank you all in advance for allowing me to share just a little of our plight. Any and All help is and will be greatly appreciated and Accepted. Please do not feel as if I am begging. It is taking all I can to ask.

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