2-16 Ranger T-shirts

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This is for any 2-16 Rangers who missed the original 2-16 Ranger T order with Doc Bailey.  I have worked out a deal with a t-shirt manufacturer as long as we have a minimum order of 50 T-shirts. The best part is they will ship directly to you.  You will not have to wait on me to ship to you.


1. Click Fund Now, update your account info and pay.

2.  Donate $25 for each T-shirt that you want.  For example, 1 = 25$ 2= $50

3.  EMAIL ME at Mike@bmaq.com and send me your name, address and sizes for your order.

4. Wait for Ranger T's to arrive!

-Mike Swaney (ACO, DCO, HHC Scout/Sniper 2-16 INF 2006-2010)

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