Seeking Funding for a Memorial picnic table


My brother, an Army veteran and a father died in a car accident. He loved spending time outdoors at a local park with his daughter and dog. Every evening after work, when there was daylight, and on weekends he was at the park reading to or playing with his daughter and playing with the dog. All of the regulars at the park knew him along with all the park staff. The Park Authority has approved a picnic table with a memorial plaque if I can raise the funds to purchase, assemble and deliver to the park. It will be installed next to the tree where he taught his daughter how to climb and where they would lean against after playing.


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Expand company product, services and revenue by developing encrypted security software for the Military

IT Office

I am a graduate of West Point and a recently retired Colonel in the U.S. Army, serving 25 years. I spent the last 6 years at the Pentagon in IT Procurement and Installation. I am taking over my fathers computer business and see tremendous opportunity to grow American Management Technology and provide much needed software technology services to our Military. The attached business plan details how I plan to achieve the goal of growing the company to $10 million dollars by the end of 3 years. The $1.5 million I am trying to raise will be utilized to lease and furnish a space, hire developers, programmers, and account managers. With my Army service, I have the inside track on our Military software technology strengths and opportunities and can capitalize on designing, developing and providing encrypted software for all of the Military Branches.

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