What is MilitaryStarter?

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  1. MilitaryStarter is a new way for military veterans, active or retired, and their families to acquire funding for their personal needs, business ideas and projects. A military wife may want to open a dance studio, start a physical therapy business, open a children’s boutique or publish a book; a retired veteran might want to start a trucking company, design a video game or open a restaurant; a disabled veteran might need a motorized wheelchair or a wheelchair ramp added to their home, a handicapped equipped vehicle or a service animal; military families could come together to raise money for a family who lost their home to fire or storms, send a family to the spouses homecoming or raise funds for a reunion. MilitaryStarter provides a way for you to present your project to family, friends and the general population, and then bring to life thru contributions from funders who want to see your project succeed. This model is commonly referred to as crowdfunding.
  1. Giving Back 10%. MilitaryStarter will give back 10% of our revenue to 10 charitable organizations that provide services and programs to military personnel, active and veterans as well as their families.

Please Click here to see the list of charities we will contribute to.

  1. MilitaryStarter is the platform for you to launch your independent project. You have total control over and responsibility for your project. We do not provide development, oversight or direction of the projects. As long as you follow our rules, anyone can launch a project.
  1. You the creator and interested funders bring your project to life. You determine a reachable funding goal and establish a timeline to raise funds. If a funder likes your project, they contribute an amount of their choice to the project. By being open and communicating with your funders regarding delays or issues you will often find them to be understanding.
  1. You maintain 100% ownership of your project. Contributions do not entitle the funders to a % or piece of your project. Depending on your project creation, you may want to provide certain $ level funders with a reward. For example if you are publishing a children’s book, you may want to give particular $ level funders a signed copy of the book.

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